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Ladyhawk's Thoughts
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
A world for followers
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Life
School's out and it's 2 months of sleeping late, no homework, and fun, right? Nope, wrong! Daughter has reading and writing difficulties, which by the way school ignored till I had her tested and they got the test results in writing, and have been bullied and teased for 6 years and now they have the nerve to let me know I'm not doing enough to activate her on her free time!! It was more than a hint they delivired in the meeting last week, that I'm part of the problem, and no one I can guess the reason they gave me for that conclusion... I am too strict! Well, in this town strict parenting means you don't let your kids do as they please and hang out with friends till late night, you don't let them drink when they're any age between 13-15 - actually it's mostly the parents who provide the alcohol with the words "you have to have something to drink or you won't have any fun."  I know, I grew up here. My daughter is 13 and she has no business hanging with "friends" in the parks or streets in the middle of the night, and she sure as **** isn't allowed to drink! Adding my "strict" rules with her reading difficulties and the bullying and I admit that has left her pretty lonely in this place. But she has no problem making new friends with other kids, she is outgoing and open and fun. The problem is more about the fact that 6 years of no actions at all from the school has made other kids (and parents) label her as "bad seed", and/or without social value. The best thing to do would be to move, start anew where no  one know us and don't have any opinions about who we are and how we are, and I sure wish we could. There must be places where people don't grade you on popularity and how many days a week you have fully booked... I'm sure looking for someplace new, but so far no luck..

Posted by ladyhawkwhiteeagle at 1:14 PM MEST
Updated: Tuesday, 10 June 2008 1:38 PM MEST
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Friday, 11 April 2008
Just a bit of chat
Mood:  bright
Topic: Life
Thin clouds, more like fog really, cover the sky but the sun does its best to brighten up the day. Feels good. I go for a walk every morning - except when the rain really pours - when daughter goes to school, I've found that to be a great way to clear my mind and thoughts before I start the day. Even more so now when I'm home every day. I got burned out really bad some years ago and for a while I was convinced I wouldn't get out of it alive, but with a bit of stubborness... I'm not my old self, and I probably never will be, but at least I can function again. 

Posted by ladyhawkwhiteeagle at 7:55 AM MEST
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